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Apex locator C-ROOTI(Ib)
Apex locator C-ROOTI(Ib) Feature: Measure the working length of the tooth by DC resistance, accurate esult even in dry or wet ambient. Double display. Technical: 1.precision: 0.1mm 2.Detective precision: the tolerance of corresponding DC resistance will be no more than ±10% when display the..
Apex locator C-ROOTI(III)
Apex locator C-ROOTI(III) Feature:   1.Adopt the III dual-frequency measurement technology, display with large LCD. 2.Measuring will not be effected by environment, no matter the root is dry or full of electrolyte(blood, or normal saline), it can measure precisely. 3.Manify the apex zone,..
C-rooti(v) Apex Locator With Pulp Tester
Apex locator and Pulp tester C-ROOTI (V) Feature: 1.Root cannal apex finder and pulp vital measurement; 2.Wide color LCD screen, operation simple and friendly interface.  3.Fifth generation multi-frequency design for wet or dry accuracy, adjustment-free 4.Progressive audio signal combine..
C-rooti(vi) Apex Locator With Pulp Tester
Apex locator and Pulp tester C-ROOTI(VI) Feature: 1.Root cannal apex finder and pulp vital measurement; 2.Color LCD screen display and can adjust the angle you need; 3.Multi-frequency design, exact accurate; 4.accurate current-stabilized generate technology 5.Self-test function in apex locat..
Denjoy Dental Root Canal Treatment Endo Motor RCTI-DY(I)+Contra Angle
RCTI-DY(I) is the supplementary instrument which can assist the dentists to shape more standard Root-canal in the process of root-canal treatment based on the micro-electronic control technology. This instrument contributes to alleviate the dentist’s working intensity. ●Adjustable Speed ..
Dental Apex Locator Root-Piii
Apex Locator ROOT PI is the first manufacturer in China which has passed concerned tests of CE0197 . It could be the best apex locator in China! ROOT PI Apex Locator is highly precise root canal measure device with the latest technology used for measuring the working length of root canal. I..
Joypex 5 Apex Locator
  Apex Locator Joypex 5 adopts the latest generation circuit technology-Multi- Frequency in the area of apex locator. Joypex 5 is the most convenient one. The angle ..
Lowest Power Consumption Apex Locator DenApex
    Apex Locater DenApex adopts multi-frequency operating system in global dental field! Lowest Power Consumption Apex Locator in China Features: ● Exclusive producer in China&n..
RCTI-DY(II) 2in1 Dental Root Canal Treatment+Apex Locator Endo Motor+Contra Angle
* This unit can use both independent endodontic shaping or together with Apex location function. * Large size LCD's screen privide more clear and accurate data to the operator during their operation. * 10 different program (Can be memorized) which can be preset according the requirement of the ope..