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AC01 Dental Disposable Plastic Surgical Instruments Amalgam Gun Carrier
  Be the carrier of amalgam after mixing when filling,Include push handle, Angled deliver socket and spring bolt. Carton Size:460*340*230mm Packing:100pcs/bag,5bags/ctn Weight:8.5kgs MOQ:100pcs ..
AK01 Autoclavable Instrument Kit
  Autoclavable can be heated to 121°C, easily cleaning and sterilization. Particularly shatter-resisterant,broken-resistant,corrosion resistant. Specification:200*99*25mm Carton Size:460*340*230mm Packing:50pcs/ctn Weight:10kgs Colour:White MOQ:50pcs ..
APT01 Autoclavable Plastic Tray
  Autoclavable can be heated to 121°C, can be filled with different  kinds of medical instruments, against contamination. Specification:336*240*23mm Carton Size:410*270*235mm Packing:40pcs/ctn Weight:10kgs Colour:Blue,Green,Pink MOQ:40pcs ..
AT01 Applicator Tips
    Replaceable brush tips,adopt imported  Dupont hari.large size and small size for  your choice according to your requirement.   Specification:(stick)3.2*14*mm Hair:(L)9-10mm,(S)5-6mm Specification:410*270*230mm Packing:100pcs/bag,500bags/ctn Weig..
AWT01 Air Water Syringe Tips With Metal
  Air water syringe tips with stainless  Stell inner pipe and white plastic tube  MOQ:2000pcs Item AWT01 Specification 84*Φ3.87 C..
AWT02 Air Water Syringe Tips Without Motal
  Syringe tips with no separation of the air  and water with white plastic whiteP lastic tube . MOQ:2000pcs Item AWT02 Specification 84*..
AWT03 Colored Plastic Air water Syringe Tips
Univensal three-in-one air water syringe tips Colored rigid plastic inner pipe(ahite blue.deep blue, yellow ,green,Orange)and clear classic tube. Item AWT03 Specification 92*Φ3.87 Carton size ..
BB01 Bur Holder Box
  Autoclavable can be heated to 121°C, 60 slot high-speed bur holder box, Special Cover on top,convenience to use,far from dust. Specification:89*66mm Carton Size:475*300*295mm Packing:1pc/box,60boxes/ctn Weight:5.5kgs Colour:White,Yelloe,Blue Remarks:Round,60 slot ..
BB02 Bur Holder Box
  Autoctavable can be heated to 121°C, 24 slot high-speed bur holder box,Special Cover on top,convenience to use,keep fresh. Specification:74*60*36mm Carton Size:410*270*235mm Packing:1pc/box,100boxes/ctn Weight:4.5kgs Colour:White,Yelloe,Blue Remarks:Squre, 24 slot M..
BB03 Bur Holder Box
  48 slot high and low-speed bur holder box,Special Cover on top, Convenience to use,keep fresh. Specification:78.7*91.3mm Carton Size:420*340*310mm Packing:1PC/box,60boxes/ctn Weight:7.5kgs Colour:White Remarks:48 slot MOQ:60pcs ..
BC01 Bur Holder Cleanser
  Autoclavable can be heated to 134°C, Sterilize glasswork,for the cleaning and soaking of the burs. Specification:83*90mm Carton Size:390*390*270mm Packing:1pcs/box,48boxes/ctn Weight:7.5kgs Colour:White.Black,Blue,Red MOQ:48pcs ..
BF01 Bur Holder Frame
  Autoclavable can be heated to 134*c, 16 slot bur holder frame,Convenient use. Specification:65*38*12mm Carton Size:410*270*235mm Packing:20pcs/bag,36bags/ctn Weight:8.6kgs Colour:White.Black Remarks:16 slot.autoclavable MOQ:200pcs ..
Big CR01 Cheek Retractor
    Cheek Retractor, Durable and Autoclavable,Can Be Heated to 134°C, Long Handle Provides Ease of Applicator,  Smooth Surface Makes Patients Very Comfortable. Specification:120*53.5*18mm Carton Size:(box)420*330*310mm               &n..
Big CR02 Cheek Retractor
  Vertical to Open the Mouth,Perfect View for Environment and Working Area. Autoclavable Up to 134°C, Good Flexible Make Patients Very Comfortable. Specification:130*92*21mm Carton Size:(box)500*360*430mm                       ..
Big CR03 Cheek Retractor
  To Open the Mouth, Control the Longue, Design of Anatomy ,Autoclavable up to 134°C. Specification:126*57*51mm Carton Size:(box)420*420*470mm                       (bag)520*520*420mm Packing:(box)2pcs/box,147boxes/ctn  ..